Large renal leiomyoma: A multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis

Sotiris Chaniotakis, Yi Yang, Tulsi Patel, James Banks


We report the case of a 45-year-old woman who presented with a large palpable abdominal mass. Initial sonographic and computed tomographic studies prompted a differential diagnosis of retroperitoneal or renal sarcoma, leiomyoma, and lipid-poor angiomyolipoma. A final diagnosis of renal leiomyoma was reached based on a consensus among radiology, surgery and pathology. In addition to reviewing the features of this entity, this case demonstrates the process of developing a working diagnosis, narrowing the differential as additional testing is performed and establishing a final diagnosis with interdepartmental coordination. Despite the rarity of this condition, the ability to recognize and apply imaging features to differentiate between abdominal masses of unknown origin is important for clinicians and researchers.


renal leiomyoma; angiomyolipoma; abdominal mass; leiomyosarcoma; retroperitoneal; genitourinary; renal; kidney; ultrasound; computed tomography; angiography; mass effect

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