An Infratemporal Meningioma: A Diagnostic Dilemma

An Infratemporal Meningioma: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Arlinder Kaur Kulwat Singh, Rofiah Ali, Effat Omar, Hilwati Hashim


A 46-year-old male presented with painless, recurrent bilateral ear discharge and an enlarging right temporal swelling. There were no neurological deficits. Imaging revealed an enhancing, soft tissue mass at the right infratemporal region involving the right temporalis muscle with a small, enhancing intradural component and associated hyperostosis of the greater wing of the right sphenoid bone. Tumour debulking of the right temporalis tumour was performed. Tumour invasion of the right temporalis muscle was noted intraoperatively. Histopathological result was consistent with fibrous meningioma WHO Grade 1 involving surgical resection margins. Follow-up MRI revealed residual right temporal extracranial component. Thus, plans were made for a second stage tumour debulking, however at time of writing, surgery had not been performed. This case highlights the differing appearances of the common meningioma occurring extracranially with elaboration of its differential diagnosis and management.


Extracranial; Meningioma; Temporal; CT scan; MRI scan