Delayed Presentation of a Chronic Morel-Lavallée Lesion

Delayed Presentation of a Chronic Morel-Lavallée Lesion

David Christian, Hyuma A Leland, Walter Osias, Seth Eberlin, Lori Howell


Morel-Lavellée lesions are soft tissue degloving injuries resulting from shearing trauma that induces separation of the superficial and deep fascias creating a potential space that becomes filled with hemolymph. Here we present a case of a 28-year-old male presenting with a persistent Type I Morel-Lavallée lesion 2.5 years after an automobile versus pedestrian accident. These lesions can be visualized via computed tomography, plain film and ultrasound, but magnetic resonance imaging is the modality of choice for their identification and characterization.


Morel-Lavellée lesion; seroma; closed degloving injury; left lower extremity; magnetic resonance imaging