Bilateral Mobile Thoracolithiasis

Bilateral Mobile Thoracolithiasis

Rajesh Bhayana, Yingming Amy Chen, Djeven Parameshvara Deva


Thoracolithiasis is the presence of one or more freely mobile pleural stones (with or without calcification) in the pleural space.  They occur with a reported incidence of less than 0.1% and are benign and do not require intervention. Historically, they have led to unnecessary interventions - something unlikely in the era of multidetector computed tomography (CT). Thoracolithiasis should be included in the differential diagnosis of a single or multiple, mobile peripheral pulmonary nodules. Here, we review the imaging characteristics of a rare case of bilateral mobile thoracolithiasis.


Thoracolithiasis; pleural stone; pleural calcification; thoracic disease; bilateral