Moyamoya Disease – a Vasculopathy and an Uncommon Cause of Recurrent Cerebrovascular Accidents

Yasmin S Hamirani, Mohammad Valikhani, Allison Sweney, Mohammad Pathan


Moyamoya disease is a very rare chronic cerebrovascular disease of unknown etiology characterized by recurrent ischemic or hemorrhagic strokes. Initially diagnosed in Japan and named after finding puff of smoke like collateral blood vessels around the occluded blood vessels of circle of Willis. With increase awareness this disease is now diagnosed more often. Medical and surgical treatment have been used to treat the disease, with surgical treatment been mostly experimental. Special attention should be given to the surgical treatment which has shown to have an edge over the medical treatment in some clinical trials especially in young patients with recurrent strokes to prevent progressive cognitive decline and to improve their quality of life. In our patient, who is a young man, the diagnosis was picked up late and when surgical evaluation was performed, it was considered to be fruitless with findings of nonviable brain tissue on MRI imaging.


moyamoya disease, moyamoya phenomenon