Journal of Radiology Case Reports, Vol 14, No 6 (2020)

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Urinary bladder lipoma: an illustrative case

Urinary bladder lipoma: an illustrative case

Miguel Paniagua, Verónica Parra, Enrique De Miguel

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Urinary bladder lipomas are rare neoplasms. Therefore, very few of them have been reported in the literature. We present a case that illustrates the typical features that allow radiologists to diagnose this entity: a solid lesion that arises from the urinary bladder wall, showing an endophytic growth and homogeneous hypoattenuation. After its surgical resection, the diagnosis was confirmed by anatomo-pathological analysis. In the discussion we describe other neoplasms that should also be considered when a submucosal bladder neoplasm is detected on computed tomography or other imaging techniques.

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