Journal of Radiology Case Reports, Vol 11, No 9 (2017)

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Large Subpectoral Lipoma on Screening Mammography

Large Subpectoral Lipoma on Screening Mammography

Andres Su, Laurie Margolies

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A 61 year-old woman presenting for bilateral screening mammogram was found to have an oval fat-density mass in the posterior right breast, partially visualized, with anterior displacement and thinning of the pectoralis major muscle. This mass was found on CT and MRI correlation to represent a large fat-containing mass, likely a lipoma, deep to the pectoralis major. On subsequent screening mammograms, the visualized portion of the mass remained stable. Subpectoral lipomas and intramuscular lipomas within the pectoralis major are rare, and their appearance on mammography may not be familiar to most radiologists.  A review of the literature and a discussion of their appearance on multiple imaging modalities is provided.

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