Journal of Radiology Case Reports, Vol 7, No 6 (2013)

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Baló's concentric sclerosis: imaging findings and pathological correlation

Baló's concentric sclerosis: imaging findings and pathological correlation

Maxine E. Darke, Farshad M. Bahador, Douglas C. Miller, Norman S. Litofsky, Humera Ahsan

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Baló's concentric sclerosis is a primary inflammatory central nervous system demyelinating disease that is considered a rare, radiographically and pathologically distinct variant of multiple sclerosis. Baló's concentric sclerosis is characterized by alternating rings of demyelinated and myelinated axons, and it is most frequently diagnosed postmortem by autopsy or, more recently, by magnetic resonance imaging without pathologic verification. This report is of a case of Baló's concentric sclerosis in which the patient presented with left-sided focal sensorimotor deficits. The patient's lesion demonstrated characteristics of Baló's concentric sclerosis by magnetic resonance imaging, but since a neoplastic process was also suspected initially, the patient underwent a surgical biopsy. This pathology sample now provides the opportunity to correlate the tissue diagnosis of demyelination with characteristic magnetic resonance imaging findings; this comparison is infrequently found in the literature.

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