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Bio statement The use of tea tree oil can lead to irritation of the skin. This is the case in individual cases when the skin is particularly sensitive or the affected person reacts allergically to the ingredients of the tea tree oil seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment. If one is not sure of the compatibility of one's own skin with the tea tree oil, one should not give the oil on inflamed places, but on healthy skin spots at some point try out.

In any case, tea tree oil should only be diluted with water and should not be dosed too high. Otherwise, reddening and exacerbation of the diseased skin area are likely to occur, especially in sensitive skin types. If a lot of contact allergies are known to the patient, one should presumably coordinate the use of tea tree oil with a dermatologist.

Some users complain about the specific smell of tea tree oil. He is very dominant and not necessarily stimulating. In low doses, however, this negative point should not be a problem.
Problems of tea tree oil

    Irritations of the skin in sensitive skin types
    Allergic reactions possible
    Skin compatibility not always guaranteed
    specific odor

It's winter again! Outside, tingling cold, we often freeze all over our bodies and yearn for the warmth of home. The back and forth, on the one hand very cold and on the other very warm, is not only stressful for our circulation: Our skin must also perform chord work home remedies for seborrheic keratosis because it is heavily stressed. How can we help the skin? The dry air of the heaters in the interior removes the necessary moisture from the skin, and many people are constantly filling their hands. However, the care provided is not always the right one. It must be adapted to the personal requirements of the skin. Here we show we count of effective measures against dry skin in winter!

How does dry skin come in winter?

In very extreme temperatures, on the one hand in very cold weather, on the other hand also in a very warm climate, the skin suffers. It will dry very quickly, especially when the moisture content of the air is low. Particularly at minus degrees, the blood streaks narrow, which supply the skin with nutrients and ensure a good circulation. Thus, the skin becomes more susceptible to inflammation and skin diseases of various kinds because the natural protection of the skin surface decreases.

Not only the blood flow is greatly reduced at low temperatures, but also the sebaceous glands function only very severely. Therefore, much less protective skin fat is produced seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment. The diminished function of the body also leads to slower regeneration of the skin surface in skin damage.