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responce to WP article on creative writing

by Anna Holzier (2018-02-06)

I as the essay writer at this site would add to Ms. Tompkins list of compelling reasons "to foster self esteem." For me personally creative writing was about the only thing that kept me sane through Junior High (yes it was called Junior High back in the day) and High School. I remember quite vividly having a piece or two of mine singled out in front of the class/school as being worthy and the pride I felt in myself. And rather than being made fun of by classmates I would actually have some ask me for help with their own writing. With all the grade pressure, and clique nonsense seemingly designed to belittle anyone that didn't quite fit the perceived ideal this was a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise rather dismal period in my life. Needless to say I found college life much more to my liking because I was free to chart my own path.